The right to live in the clean and safe environment is undoubtedly a value of the contemporary and responsible society. Such value must be respected along with the political and human rights.

Kultūros centras “In Actio” is pursuing its defined environmental goals through a collection of activities and projects. “Kultūros centras “In Actio” implements various environmental education projects, nature and biodiversity preservation projects, seeks to enhance cooperation between environmental non-governmental organizations (NGOs), communities, government authorities.

The goal of the environmental education is to develop a matured person having a comprehensive knowledge in ecology and environment friendly technologies. The environmental education is tailored to develop the skills and values that would enable society independently choose the environment friendly behaviour, predict the consequences of made decisions and take the actions for preserving the environment.

Kultūros centras “In Actio” operates on the Go-Green principles. All our everyday activities are focused to be nature friendly. We use energy-saving technologies, always think green before printing, carefully recycle the waste.

The Cultural Centre “In Actio” currently runs the following projects: