This is a free will and initiative unpaid work for permanent or short-term, which provides everyone regardless of gender, race, nationality, religion, political belief, age or health an opportunity to use their skills and experience, gain new skills, make friends, get involved in work and to change the social life of the country. Volunteers carry out those tasks, which are needed at that moment for the society. Voluntary service gives young people the opportunity to interact, grow, or to share their experiences.

Voluntary service activities can be carried out at local, national, European and global level.  It plays an important role in European level in the development of European identity and in bringing young people from different countries together.

Kulturos centras In Actio is based on youth voluntary work and in this field it seeks these goals:

Since 9th of July 2009 Culture center „In Actio“ got European Voluntary Service accreditation as coordinating and sending organization. If you are interested in cooperation with our organization for EVS projects or you are interested in possibilities of being a volunteer in our NGO, please contact us. More information about our EVS projects environment: European Voluntary Service- Accredited organizations.

About: European Voluntary Service

European Voluntary Service – EU program which aims to develop solidarity and promote active citizenship and mutual understanding among young people.

The European Voluntary Service enables young people to carry out voluntary service for up to 12 months in a country other than their country of residence. It fosters solidarity among young people and is a true ‘learning service’. Beyond benefiting local communities, volunteers learn new skills and languages, and discover other cultures.

An EVS project has three phases:

Non-formal learning principles and practice are reflected throughout the project.

An European Voluntary Service project can focus on a variety of themes and areas of intervention, such as culture, youth, sports, social care, cultural heritage, arts, civil protection, environment, development cooperation, etc. It is designed to implement one or more EVS Activities.

All expenses related to volunteer’s service is funded by European Union program “Youth in Action”, that aims to inspire a sense of active European citizenship, solidarity and tolerance among young Europeans and to involve them in shaping the Union’s future. It promotes mobility within and beyond the EU’s borders, non-formal learning and intercultural dialogue, and encourages the inclusion of all young people, regardless of their educational, social and cultural background: Youth in Action is a Programme for all!

If you are interested in hosting or sending EVS projects and you would like us to be your partner, please contact us to e-mail evs (eta) inactio dot org. We are always happy for new cooperation!