In Actio Kulturos centrasFrom its establishment in 2006, Kulturos centras “In Actio” focus to expend knowledge of world cultures and promotion of intercultural dialogue .

“In Actio” is innovative, dynamic, non-political , non-profit organization. All our activities are based upon common values of human rights, mutual understanding and development of openness for different cultures. By implementing our projects we are build cultural bridges, opening beauty of the world to Lithuania and presenting Lithuania to the world.

Within a few years, with a support of international projects we helped for hundreds of young people and thus who work with young people or culture, to get to know other countries and cultures; develop and/or improve various social and professional skills.

To ensure the long-term international cooperation, “In Actio” became active member of international networks such as : Anna Lindh Foundation, European Asian NGOs Network- , Lithuania – Palestinian NGO Network, and others.

Exhibitions, volunteer guide, social video projects, translated and adopted into Lithuanian language one of the most important publications of the Council of Europe – “COMPASS – manual for human rights education with young people” are only small part all products created during different projects. More about them you can read in “Portfolio”.

Wide scale aims of Kulturos centras “In Actio”, obligated continually to expand and improve our activities. “In Actio ” encourage different initiatives of young people, organizes international youth exchanges, seminars , trainings , conferences , exhibitions, presentations of world’s different cultures, translates and adopts professional literature to Lithuanian language, develops new education methods for non-formal education; organizes international volunteer projects.

In 2012, with the start of the partnership with the Alexandrian Library ( “Bibliotheca Alexandrina”, Egypt), In Actio is focus on opening first Arab Library in Vilnius and section of Lithuanian books in the Alexandrian Library.

In building cooperation, “In Actio ” always stands for equal partnership with the partners . By our activities at local and international levels, we always aim to promote cooperation between: civil society; educational , cultural and public institutions ; business and media sectors. Currently, map of “In Actio” sponsors and partners consists of institutions based in Lithuania, Europe , Africa , Asia and Central America.

Discover yourself by discovering the world!

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