VIVA – EVS project  during which 2 volunteers from Austria and Turkey were staying for 10 months in Lithuania/Vilnius and working in Vilniaus Valdorfo Mokykla (Vilnius Waldorf School).

The volunteers developed personal competences living and working in new environment as well as contributed to schools life by working on the activities that foster intercultural learning and dialogue.

Important part of the volunteers’ activities was assisting teachers in their work with students and getting to know more about Waldorf education and methods as well as to bring to school intercultural aspects and knowledge/understanding about different cultures and countries. Volunteers were involved into developing and leading informational and promotional activities about the Youth in Action Programme and cultural dialogue by their country presentations.

Most of the learning process of volunteers was based on non-formal and informal educational background as well as using art as expression methods for their activities with young people.

Respond from Volunteers:

Magdalena – VIVA volunteer from Austria:

EST VIVA“Meeting so many new and all kinds of different people, I became a lot more open-minded. I’m not afraid or shy to interact with people from different age or social groups. Because of language barriers I try to pay more attention to people’s behavior and body language. In general, I became more self-confident and more aware of who I am. I learned a lot – not only about the culture I have been living in during my EVS project VIVA, but also about the countries other volunteers come from. I heard about different manners, about the history of several country, about how people perceive their own country. I would definitely recommend EVS to anyone who is interested. It is a great way to discover a new culture and also the world. It is also a great opportunity to work in a field you would never have the chance to work in otherwise. For others, it’s a good way to gain more experience in the field they studied. EVS is great to learn about yourself, how to depend on yourself and how to manage daily things like saving and spending money, cleaning and many more. You can meet people from other parts of the Europe or the world and make friends who you will have a special connection with.”

EST VIVAVIVA Volunteer from Turkey:

“I can say that before VIVA I came here I was shy a bit. My life was the same but here every single day I meet new people, this makes me feel better and improve my social skills. I already finished my university last year, I will go to my country and find job. It will be easier then before I came here and better job maybe. I would recommend EVS to others. If they try it, their life change for sure, maybe even their character and to self-recognition. They have new friends who are from the other countries. They can find easier job when they finish the EVS and improve social skills.”