Together 4 Intercultural dialogue – was group EVS project during which 4 volunteers from Romania, Palestine and Portugal stayed for 12 months in Lithuania/Vilnius working in Kultūros centras “In Actio”.

The volunteers developed personal competences living and working in new environment, contributed to local community by working on the activities that fostered intercultural learning and dialogue. Important part of the volunteers’ activities was courses of cultures for local youth in order to promote cultural diversity and tolerance (understanding) to different cultures.

Volunteers were involved into developing and leading informational and promotional activities about the Youth in Action Programme and cultural dialogue by their country presentations. Most of the learning process of volunteers was be based on non-formal and informal educational background, volunteers  were encouraged to use art as expression methods for their activities with young people and promoting intercultural dialogue.

Improved/new competencies of volunteers, cultural courses for local youth, updated guidebook for volunteers in Lithuania and a table game for intercultural dialogue – the main results of this project.

Respond from Volunteers

Amjad – Volunteer from Palestine

Together 4 Intercultural Dialogue„My world map was expanded and my knowledge about different countries and cultures has increased; specially about European countries and societies. Through this experience I improved my knowledge about European countries, cities, traditions, cultures, rules, people and ways of living. This experience gave the chance to change many stereotypes about this region, and brought me many contacts and intercultural ideas. I made different kind of activities with different ages and levels of local people and community through my project. And in my free time I had various plans with locals sharing them their traditions and festivals (food, dances, knowledge, stereotypes and lifestyles); in somehow I felt like I’m a local in this community as I’m one them. I have many contacts and friends..

In fact EVS is a great chance and I strongly recommend it for other to take such a chance that could change their lives in a way or in another. EVS is a way to open the people minds that this is one world and we are all same in it. Nothing impossible just give the initiative and provide what you have to others by being tolerant and eager to tender free of charge.. „

 Ana –Volunteer from Palestine

Together 4 Intercultural Dialogue„EVS is a great opportunity for young people not only to travel, live and meet different people but also to grow up as human being and realize that the world is more than our home. During this project I learn that despite the cultural, religious, political and social differences we are people who just want to be happy and enjoy life! With this experience one have the opportunity to LEARN a lot about different things – life, culture, people, language, history, specific skills, it depends on the volunteer will! And of course one have the opportunity to gain work experience and learn useful skills which can be used later on a future job! „


Fadi – Volunteer from Palestine

„In my EVS project i achieved a lot and changed many things in me ,for the language i could say i can talk and express what i need in Lithuanian language but since it’s a difficult language to learn, i need more time to be able to speak more clearly and express myself more.

Social skills is one of the important things i have developed in personal and professional level also.Together 4 Intercultural Dialogue

And also meeting the Lithuanian culture which is new for me and my knowledge and being a part of this culture for a while, it helped me to understand other culture and meet this culture and many others also.

My plans for the future was finding a good job, starting a good career, and that what happened exactly as i will start my new job in my country very soon.

Beside that ,my skill in speaking english were developed and now i am talking better english , and also my awarness to the European countries specially east Europe is raised many times comparing to before my EVS .

Of course i will encourage other people, young people to take a part of the EVS projects, as a great chance to learn in different ways and to open eyes about other cultures, beside living abroad itself is a great opportunity…“