Space for Intercultural Dialogue EVS project Guide book for volunteers in Lithuania “Space for Intercultural Dialogue” was a group EVS Project. During which volunteers from Egypt and Romania were staying for 6 months in Lithuania working for the NGO and for presenting their cultures to local community.Volunteers developed personal competences living and working in new environment as well as contributed to local community working on the activities that will foster intercultural learning.

Important part of the volunteers’ activities was working on the EVS guide book for the new coming EVS volunteers to Lithuania, NGOs who are already realizing EVS projects or those willing to start cooperation with the Lithuanian youth organizations.

Volunteers were also involved into developing and leading informational and promotional activities about the Youth in Action Programme, especially EVS, and cultural dialogue by their country presentations.

What volunteers got from this project:

Volunteer from Romania Aida, after this project‘s evaluation, wrote:

I still can speak Lithuanian language and I like very much. I had a very nice teacher with an amazing way of teaching. Now, I am more opened to the people, more open-minded and happy because I did what I wanted. EVS is regarded as a good thing and it already helped me in finding a job.

It gives you a great opportunity to meet other people and different cultures and this is such a nice thing. It’s great to be in the middle of a community for few moths, not days as a traveler or a tourist…

Volunteer from Egypt Mohamed, after this project‘s evaluation, wrote:

I have learned too much during these 6 months and that was the most important experiment in all my life, aim now more confident in my life and full of experiences.

I’m very interested in such programs and projects and after that project I will change my career from accountancy to the social society…

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