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KIDS IN ACTION – TC on how to ensure kids friendly training environment

Call for partners:

It is not a secret that most of the time youth workers or trainers don’t think about involvement of young parents or pregnant women into youth activities. Or maybe young parents and pregnant women don’t think about opportunities for participation and for improvement of their competencies.

Why and what is possible to do in order to change this situation is the major key of the international training course on how to ensure kids friendly training environment – KIDS IN ACTION

How? With a help of international training course in the frame of Erasmus+ programme Key action 1

When? 5th-11th of October 2015

Where? In Vilnius, Lithuania

Draft program: TC Kids in Action (download)

TC “KIDS IN ACTION” will support youth workers and trainers with knowledge and practical skills on how to integrate young parents with small kids up to 4 years old and pregnant women into their actions (trainings, seminars, youth exchanges and etc.). In order to give a possibility for more youth workers and trainers who are interested in this topic to develop their competencies on how to involve and to work with young parents and their kids until 4 years old, after the trainings an online courses will be developed with a help of participants. This we believe will encourage and provide with opportunities for young parents and pregnant women to participate in different actions and to develop their competencies useful in their professional and social lives.

Participants: Youth workers and trainers willing to develop their competencies on working with young parents with kids up to 4 years and pregnant women. As well as those who are wiling and are able to use these gained competencies in their work no longer then in 3 months after TC and are motivated to contribute to development of online courses by giving feedback and participating in surveys.

Participants are welcome to come to TC with their KIDS under age 4 as well as pregnant women are more then welcome to participate 🙂

Partners: youth or working with young people NGOs from Erasmus+ program countries willing to send youth workers and/or trainers to this TC and able to support their participants during preparation and follow-up activities after training.

All training course activities will be based on non-formal education and learning by doing model. Activities will be organized in safe and friendly environment for all participants with special attention for participants’ kids and pregnant women.

Working and communication language will be English.

Financial Conditions:

  • Travel costs up to limited amounts for countries according to program rules of Erasmus+
  • 100% of accommodation, food and program will be covered from the project budget.

How to apply?

In order to apply Your organization needs to be registered on the European Commission Database and have a PIC Number.

If you don’t have a PIC Number, you can register here.

Also you must:

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail: culture(eta)

Deadline for application is 23rd of April.


Application form:

before filling prepare partners organisation form

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