Project „Cultural dimension“ is a youth exchange where 30 young and fully fired up with enthusiasm people from Malta, Italy, Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania decided to meet all together and to share the information and experience about their totally different cultures in order to find the clues how to know different cultures and people representing them. Those people mentioned before participated in social activities expressing the Culture that were realized in 13th-22nd of August 2007 in Lithuania.

The key of this project first of all was to highlight the importance of the values that groups from different countries could give to young people who still did not get the chance to take part in those kinds of intercultural events. Secondly, to show that cultural dimensions (in all their expressions) take place in the development of the individuals and the community from which they belong by knowing new cultures.

Through legends, songs, traditions, popular costumes and the activities proposed during the exchange, the participants were completely involved in a new cultural dimension developing the ability to get in touch with other cultures. The project vision was to have participants knowing about each others cultures, stimulating the creation of the group spirit. The program included different activities related to a personal development and participants’ preparation towards international cooperation.

Project was organized within the Youth in Action program and granted by European Union. During the exchange participants created a booklet and a short movie that presented the idea of the project.